Streamlining your skincare

These days, it feels like when you open a bathroom cabinet, you’re greeted by a jumbled mess of bath/beauty/baby products that have been expired since last June, products with such a highly specific purpose that they’re rarely used, or products that have been pushed so far to the back that you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’re not seeing them again anytime soon.

...Sound familiar?

Wiley was born out of this very frustration of having a zillion products for every small, specific need; every season; and every member of the family. But to us, buying evermore drawer organizers, bins, and baskets just wasn’t a tenable solution. Instead, we sought to find a way to radically streamline the products we were using – even if that meant creating a product line ourselves.

And so came Wiley Body: a thoughtfully formulated line of plant-based, gentle, versatile bath and body products that the whole family can use, from your little one to your spouse.