One Bottle To Rule Them All

We all know that keeping your body clean is important. Good hygiene is just common sense, right? Duh. But when it comes to babies a lot of questions and myths arise. Are bubble baths really bad for your baby? Are the products you use on yourself too harsh for your baby's skin? At Wiley we think you have enough to think about already. We don't want you to stress about the ingredients in your baby's body wash, let alone how many bubbles are just one too many! So, we took the guess work out of bath time for you. Body Bubble is the 1 bottle that will rule them all. You're welcome. 



Too often as moms we found ourselves filling a nice warm tub full of crystal clear water for our little ones, pouring a big glob of beautiful soap into the swirling water ... only to have nothing happen. So we would pour more of our thick, sticky bubble bath product into the running water... only to have some more nothingness happen right before our eyes. After emptying almost half a bottle in the water, we would set that bottle aside and wash our kid's body with another product, a product that smelled kinda like Vanilla? Or maybe just plain sugar? We can't know. Then, we would put said kid to bed and trot off to our own shower where we would suds ourselves up with yet another product that was beautiful and smelled amazing. "Why can't we just use this on our kids?" we would think to ourselves. Well, because it's not tear free, and because it's going to strip their skin of all of the moisture and softness that we spent 9 months working so hard on! You see where I am going with this dilemma right? Their soap was ineffective and our soap wasn't "baby safe." And neither of them seemed to bubble quite as much as we would like them to. 



We finally had enough of this and decided to make a product that we were sooo excited to use on ourselves, but could confidently use on our baby as well. We were sick of having a million bottles taking up our vanity. We wanted 1, absolutely safe product, that looked amazing, smelled intoxicating, moisturized, cleansed and for the love of God, BUBBLED! And after working on it for over a year we are pretty confident that we made just that. Body Bubble is that product.