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Soap Dish


Eco-friendly & made from diatomite
Our all-natural soap dish is the Body Bar's BFF. It's crafted from fossilized algae (yes, really!), a.k.a. diatomite, and is entirely plastic-free. As an added plus, it's naturally water absorbent and fast drying — our diatomite soap dish soaks up any extra water from your lathered-up Body Bar, helping it last even longer.
Instructions: Add both our Body Bar and Soap Dish to your cart for extra savings. Discount will automatically be applied at checkout. Use it by the kitchen sink with your Body Bar, as a cute tray in the shower for your Body Bubble, or on the bathroom counter to display your Everything Lotion or Everywhere Oil. Basically, it's the soap dish for everything and everywhere. Specs: 5"x3" and ½" thick