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We Wiley Did It!

We Wiley Did It!

We've officially been in business for *almost* 3 weeks! You can now buy our 3-in1 natural baby wash, shampoo and bubble bath at We can't believe how supportive and encouraging our friends and family have been through this entire process.


And now we have a whole slew of customers (modern parents, looking for natural skincare for their babes) who are supporting us as well. So, thank you! About a week ago our friends at Maven hosted a little launch party for us where our friends and family gathered to congratulate us and see our product in real life.



It was a beautiful December evening with drinks and snacks and big hugs. Orders have been rolling in the last few weeks and we still stop and do a happy dance and act (semi) surprised when they do. I mean, don't get us wrong, we love our product and knew the market was hungry for a beautiful new baby skincare product, but it still blows our minds at how supportive and encouraging our new little community can be. 



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