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Everywhere Oil: Favorite uses

Everywhere Oil: Favorite uses

Here are some of our favorite ways to use it:

We launched our Everywhere Oil at the beginning of this month & we have been absolutely blown away by everyone's supportive responses. People have been loving this product as much as we do so we thought we would take a second to share some of our favorite ways to use it!

The first reason why we wiley love our oil is because its perfect for anybody! Mom's, Dad's, Babies, Kiddos & even pregnant bellies. Our hero ingredients in this all natural oil are sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil and rosehip seed. All of which provide ultra-hydrating benefits without leaving you feeling greasy.

Our favorite way to use this oil is on our little's right after their bath, on the ends of our hair, on our face (men love using it on their beards) and on our dry heels! 

A little goes along way with our Everywhere Oil.  Just 1-2 pumps is the perfect amount to give your baby a full body massage after their bath. It's perfect for that post-bath hydration. Especially since we're approaching those dry winter months! 

Another little tip is once you have a couple pumps of our Everywhere Oil on your hand, add a single drop of your favorite essential oil to it and rub it in.  Our favorite is to add a single drop of Lavender and rub onto the bottom of our feet before bed!



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